Below is a list of tests accepted for membership and subscribership in Epida, along with the minimum scores for each of these memberships:


- IQ Score 152 for full membership or IQ Score 148 for prospective membership or IQ Score 132 for subscribership achieved in TEQUINMA or TEQUINNU


- IQ Score 149 for full membership or IQ Score 145 for prospective membership or IQ Score 130 for subscribership listed in World High IQ Scores Review or Paul Laurent IQ Tests;


- Raw Score 26 for full membership or Raw Score 24 for prospective membership or Raw Score 15 for subscribership achieved in X-Test by Marco Ripà;


- Founder or President of a recognized High IQ Society with an IQ score 149 listed in World High IQ Scores Review or Paul Laurent IQ Tests or with an Raw Score 26 in X-Test by Marco Ripà with an IQ Score 152 in TEQUINMA or TEQUINNU can apply for honorary membership.


If you have the sufficient score, please see the Admission's page.

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