Welcome to Epida, a high IQ society founded on 01/09/2010 for people with an IQ equal to or higher than 152 on a scale using a standard deviation of 16. This is to say that 0.06% of the world population would qualify.

In the forum, there are discussions on the topics of intelligence, puzzles, science, philosophy, etc.


The word 'Epida' actually secretly explains the minimum criterion for admission. How so? An IQ of 152 is 3.25 standard deviations from the norm, 3.25 is equal to 3 + 1/4. Realizing that the first letter of 'plus' is 'p' and the first letter of 'division' is 'd', and replacing these symbols with these letters in '3+1/4' one obtains '3p1d4'. Replacing the numbers with their similarly-shaped letters in the western alphabet, one obtains Epida!